My soulmate

by Naomi ()

Dear God
I love Dami
I want to be with Dami. Please show him that I have deep and sexual feelings for him, that I care for him with all my heart and soul, that I feel a strong spiritual connection with him. That he is my Prince and that I would do anything for him in Jesus’ name. Show him that I wish to marry him and that I would give up even the sweetest of all sins just to be with him. Show him that he has changed me for good. Tell him that I will do anything to pleasure him and that I wish for him to be my husband. Let him know how much he has changed me and how he has guided me to see the light. Let him know that we are soul mates, let him know that we are kindred spirits of that such as swans or doves that can only bring peace upon earth. Make him realise that I would treat him like a king and that I would give him all the love that he deserves. Give me the strength to talk to him dear lord for I love him and I wish for him to make me a good and honest woman. Show him every day how much I care for him and tell him that I am truly sorry that I broke his heart. I didnt mean to I was scared and nobody showed me love like this before. I dont care about other men I want him. I want him to feel the warmth of my love every single day and that I truly understand that the meaning of my life is to be with him and that we are the same on the inside as each other but have different experiences and outer shells. Dear lord please do this for me or I shall remain single, heartbroken and unmarried for the rest of my life with no children to bare. I am so jealous of my sisters who have both found their true loves and so have I but I wish he could value me more than anything even other people, his job and his holidays. Dear lord for I have sinned because I was jealous of everyone who came into his life. I confess that I am lonely and it is killing me. All I want is Dami to understand how much passion and lust I feel for him, how much I care for him and how much he has attracted me towards him and shown me that love can find a way. I love him because he showed me that I could be a good person and help others to live their lives and be well so that they didnt have to go through the trauma that I went through at school when I was a child. That I had a friend in him that made me feel amazing and attractive and like a woman only should. I love him and no other man could ever amount to him. I love you also lord as a father above us to unite us and show us the means of our ways. Dear lord show Dami that I care for him truly madly deeply and will show him in a way which only I can.

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