My Sons not speaking for years.

My three sons have not spoken in almost three,because of gossip between their Exs and wives now.I am so heart broken and I have asked GOD to help me.The twins are meeting for the first time this coming weekend,graduation celebration for one of them.They are hoping to mend things amongs each other,and I hope God will be their beside them to guide them.I’m trusting God will perform a miracle between them,so that we can start working on the oldest Brother .I desparetly miss us being a family ,I hope that I dont leave this earth lonely and without a close realationship with my Sons.GOD ,I HAVE FAITH AND TRUST IN YOU TO HELP US THROUGH THIS ROUGH ROAD.GOD BLESS US AND GIVE US THE STRENGTH WE NEED TO BECOME ONE AGAIN…DESPARETY NEEDING MY FAMILY BACK

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  1. Forgiveness can be hard going

    This is unfortunately but not as uncommon as you would imagine. Rifts between siblings giving heartache to parents can and does break your heart. The gospel answer lies in forgiveness. How many times should I forgive my brother, seven times? I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times. This is not about seventy-times but about realizing that, God has forgiven you and the cost of that forgiveness, which you too need to pass on to those around you. However, the rift maybe about money, adultery, violation, personal rights, parental divorce, success or simply something that has got out of hand over the years but has never been faced up too and resolved. In essence you are dealing with both worldly and spiritual maturity which is hard for some people to reach without a little guidance. The Cain and Abel syndrome is in play. How does one overcome and pray for resolution? You don’t. You simply deal with them at arms length, supplicate with thanksgiving for the Lord to take that heavy situation, and stand back and trust the Lord to do the necessary in his time. If you trust him enough to intervene then don’t get in the way of his work. Be pleasant and loving to your siblings and let them know you love them and each is special. Take the focus off their differences and focus their minds and hearts on the good things of your family. Let them leave in peace from you after the spring break, all in the name of Jesus, then thank the Lord for your siblings and that he knows best. You only see one side of the story, he sees every side of the story.

  2. bibling fued

    i too have these problems between three of our siblings. It has been going on for 32 years. My husband died thinking that he instaled peace at last, which just made things worse. My heart is broken, there is no give between two of the siblings…..I cry over it at the drop of a hat….St. Jude please help us through this.

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