My Sons Mental and Physical Health

by Carol ()

Please Lord protect and help my son to overcome this oppressive situation that surrounds his life due to Corona virus pandemic. He lost his job and is not entitled to unemployment benefits so financially he has lost all means of supporting himself. This has bought on depression and overeating, which in turn caused severe obesity and severe sleep apnea. The anxiety of his situation has caused his eczema to flare up out of control so that his skin is inflamed, severely itchy and bleeding. His self esteem, confidence and worth has been lost. I believe he struggles with suicidal thoughts. Please Lord wrap your arms around him, protect him and keep him safe physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Please lift him up out of this darkness and restore his life back to a healthy, happy and financially content place. Lead him to a better job with health insurance, guide him to make better choices in his life, give him healthy coping skills to overcome his emotionally overeating addiction and restore his health. Please give him back his sense of pride, the ability to financially support himself once again and bring peace and happiness into his life. Give him the strength to heal and overcome the debilitating situation that the Corona virus pandemic has bought on his life. Bring him back to you Lord.

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