My son’s bone infection

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9 years ago, when my son Jaxin was 7 yrs old, he had a severe leg injury due to an ATV accident. It was a long year of recovery but we/he made it and has very limited long term effects aside from scaring. A few months ago he began complaining about pain in the injury area, then the last month or 2 the swelling was uncontrollable. After finding the right DOCTOR’S to look at the right detail, we found out that the same bug (rare, but commonly found in dirt) we thought we beat years ago had grown to a plum sized absess originating from Jax’s bone. They removed the absess, left pellet like bits of antibiotics in the leg, hooked him up to a wound vac and IV antibiotics and all around took a quite aggressive approach. The cultures then confirmed the bug and in turn the meds that work on it. Jax now has a PICC line and is about to go home to 22 hr a day IV antibiotic. As excited as I am for him to be home, I’m even more concerned about the strength of this bacteria. It’s not likely but possible that they may have to Amputate to save his life or because we just can’t beat it.

The power of prayer and God’s strength helped us through when he was a 2nd grader and it will again now that he’s 2 years from graduation. THANK YOU!!!


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