My son is needing a miracle..

by Lesley (Olympia,WA)

St. Jude most holy apostle, you have never failed me. I pray to you today and ask you to help me in my desperate need and give my son a miracle with his Alopecia Totalis. He just began 9th grade in September and had beginning stages of Alopecia, now he is bald with no eyebrows, no eyelashes or body hair. Please St.Jude hear me in my desperate need of help for him where I call upon you to intercede and give him help where it is needed to grow his hair back quickly. St. Jude Pray for me as I am seeking employment and Interviewed on a particular position that I have been praying to get. I will continue to spread your love and devotion and continue to praise your name to the world.. Thank you St.Jude, Thank you for always being there for me, in Jesus name. Amen.

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