My Son Goran

by OLGA ()

Father God my heart has been aching day and night since 1st November 2011 when my son Goran Nikoloski went missing. To this day we do not know what has happened to my son Goran. The Police presume him dead and some of his friends and family have given up on his return as they too think he may have been murdered.

I am his mother and my heart is not prepared to surrender. I live in hope and expectation that he may be still alive although the chances of that are diminishing daily. I know, I understand and I accept that your plans for us may differ from our own dreams and wishes for our children and that Your will must be done and not ours However in our case of uncertainty, I hang suspended in darkness not knowing where is my son and whether he is alive or dead. I do not know how to pray as deep in my heart I want my son alive. So much so that I am asking for a special miracle which is easy for YOU GRACIOUS AND MERCIFUL GOD to perform. Nothing is impossible for YOU HEVENLY FATHER SINCE YOU CREATED THE WHO WORLD AND RAISED YOUR SON JESUS FOR US. Please give me my son back and thereby keep my other son, Robert, alive for if Goran has been murdered, Roberts life is in danger as well. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I PRAISE YOU FATHER GOD, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, BODY AND SOUL, AND BEG YOU TO ANSWER MY PRAYER IN THE NAME OF YOUR SON, OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN.

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  1. I'll pray for Goran

    Dear Ms. Olga,

    I could understand, how painful it is for you. I’ll pray that Goran comes back to you healthy and hearty. I hope that wherever he is, he should be good health. He must be missing you too. Don’t worry of even Robert. Place both your kids in God’s hands and be in peace.

    Pray everyday and also do some charity.

    God bless you and your family and also gives you lot of strength.

  2. A prayer for Goran

    Ms. Olga I came to this site seeking prayer for my son who was attacked by police and was thrown in jail bloody for just walking down the street. My heart melt as I read your prayer. I want to say God Bless you. I pray that God brings him back to you safe and sound. My mother has always told me that our children are gifts from God. I say give him back to God so that he may return him to you.

    I know this is very hard for you, and I will pray for peace in your heart, but all we can do right now is pray. Just know that whether he is alive or not, he is prayed for. God Bless you.

  3. I hope your prayer is answered x

    Dear Olga, I pray with all my heart that your prayer is answered. Remember, faith can move mountains. May God keep you and your family safe in His arms.

    God bless you and keep strong xxx

  4. Touching and Agreeing

    I am touching and agreeing with you and for God’s will in your life In Jesus’ Most Precious Holy Name….Amen

  5. Prayer for Goran

    Dear God,

    Please protect Goran and lead him back home safe to his mother, Olga. Please also protect Robert and keep him safe as well. Please give Olga shelter in your peace and love as she waits for an answer. Help her to never give up hope even in the face of great adversity. Give her the strength to face each day and take care of herself. Please help her to live her life to the fullest in honor of him and to know that wherever he may be, the love between them will always be there, they may be physically separated but in spirit they are never really apart.

    Thank you God!


  6. God bless olga

    Dearest Olga. I went to school with goran. I remember a popular and smart boy who made

    People smile with his wit and charisma. I pray he is returned to your arms, and your family can find happiness again. God bless Olga. I am a mum who lives for her child. I can only imagine the horrible pain you must be going through. God return goran to his family.

  7. God Bless the Nikoloski family

    Dear Olga,

    I too went to school with Goran. At school he was extremely popular, very liked and such a happy guy. I remember Robert, like his brother he too was popular and charismatic. Now a mother myself I would go to the ends of the world for my son, as he is the meaning of my existence. You are blessed to have two sons, and I pray that they are both safe. I pray that Goran comes home safely to your arms again. You are a good mother Olga.

  8. God Bless

    Dear Olga,

    I have a twin who is homeless and a drug addict. Months go by and I never know if he is alive. The pain taunts me. The regret that I couldn’t do more haunts my very being. I mention this because I have a similar “always in the darkness” feeling like you. It’s the utmost horrible feeling. I pray to God for him to light my twins path. I pray that your son returns to you!

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