My Son for Protection

by Carol ()

Please God protect my son from the deep darkness that is overwhelming him. He lost his job due to the Corona virus pandemic and is not entitled to unemployment. He unfortunately had no savings to help protect himself. My husband and myself are retired and have almost depleted our retirement savings helping to support and pay his bills. Please help him to be able to afford to once again support himself. Guide him to a job situation where he will have stability and health insurance. He is now dealing with depression from his financial situation. His stress has caused his eczema to flare up and is at its worst. He has severe sleep apnea and the health risks associated with this are compounded by the enormous amount of weight that he has gained. I am scared to lose him mentally and physically. I am watching him deteriorate emotionally, physically and financially. He has no health insurance to seek medical treatment for himself. Please wrap your arms around him and protect him mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. He is suffering terribly. I have witnessed the light in his eyes and heart burn away. I ask you to restore hope back into his life. Please guide him through this and give him the wisdom and courage to overcome his darkness with depression. Please give him the wisdom and courage to seek change in himself and his circumstances. Provide him with healthy coping skills to overcome his depression. Help him to once again take pride in himself. Lift his self esteem and show him how to love himself.

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