My son Dominic s recovery from Guillian Barre

by Mrs Gillian Boardman (Melbourne Australia)

Please pray for our son he became ill on 17 th July 2014. He is so brave never complains. He was 34 years old when he became ill he is 37 years old now, This illness attacks your whole body it shuts your nerves and muscles down. You can’t move he has come a long way. But three years on this July he is still learning to walk again. He is still on crutches trying desperately to get his balance and strength and muscles in his left leg and progress to one crutch and walk safely and one day in the near future walk again. We as a family are brokenhearted, We his family live in the Uk he lives in Australia. We his parent have to fly over when things start to go wrong. He does not want to come back to Uk, For me as a mother it is making me feel very ill the worry and stress wondering when and where this will ever end. We can only stay here in Australia till 20th January next year, He has no partner or wife his marriage broke down the same year he became ill. I have never stopped praying, Please pray for him that one day soon things will start to progress. This illness took his whole life away within five hours, It is a very cruel illness when you get it this bad. Ever time he starts to progress something goes wrong he has broken both his left and right foot while having this illness and a number of things in his body have gone wrong. Please remember him in your daily prayers. He has suffered so much in this last three years. Thank for your prayers his broken heart mother.Please dear god and all the Saint hear and answer our prayer I beg you.