My son Benjamin has had a lot of bad luck in life from an early age especially in his health, injuries and now in his work and married life

by Ellen (Hervey Bay, Qld , Australia)

Please pray for my son Benjamin, he has been struck down with debilitating health problems since he has been 13 years old. Recently when they were getting back on their feet the rug has been pulled out from under him again. He now has a head injury and epilepsy and is not coping mentally. Yesterday again he was laid of from his job. Could you please pray that his life turns around and he does not go into a spiraling downturn mentally which not only jeopardizes his new family married life, and his mental well being. Please pray for good luck with his family and allow him to obtain a new job soon to take the mental pressure of himself as well as his family. I pray for him daily but I need a special prayer for him as I don’t know why he is having such a hard time in his life and everytime it turns for the better, something knocks him down again. I don’t know how much more of this disappointed he can take before he does something to harm himself. Please pray