My son and I Need Financial Assistance

by Theresa (San Diego, CA)

Dearest St. Joseph, my son is desperately trying to sell his enclosed trailer in which he was living in. Currently and thank God he has a roof over his head. However, he has an old knee injury and he can’t work right now. I’m not in anyway able to help any longer financially, as I’m living on social security disability and I have a high HOA, along with other bills just to live. I’m in the process of filing bankruptcy and as of today Feb 1st, I’m now on Medicare and a fixed income. St. Joseph I’m coming before you today, to have someone call my son and offer his asking price so he can have money once again to live and get his knee looked at again as last year the orthopedic Dr

requested an MRI, but my son can’t afford the copay. Knee surgery was mentioned too.
St. Joseph this is a dual request, as my son and I don’t know what to do. I can’t get a loan cuz i havent been able to pay my credit card debt and need to file bankruptcy eventually and haven’t yet cuz a lawyer needs money up front. I’m on disability cuz after my hip replacement in August 2014, my orthopedic Surgeon lengthened my leg 2.5 inches longer than my non operative leg and this has caused worsening of my scoliosis and now I’ve been having ankle pain and bone pain. I walk with a cane and need prayers too as I’m in chronic pain 24/7. Thank you St. Joseph! In Jesus name, Amen.

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