My son and daughter in law’s marriage is on the way of failing

by Ina (South Africa)

My son and daughter in law’s marriage is on the way of failing. Please pray with me that Andre will not move out. That he will open his eyes and see what a wonderful and caring wife God gave him. He joined a motorbike club and that is his all. He began to drink and swears a lot. He wants to move out to stay with his father who is ill. His poor wife is devastated. He tattooed his arm and he turns his back to everything that is good. He says he is in a dark pit and is very irritated. He is very rude towards his wife and children. He wants to go on a motorbike trip with the club the weekend. Please pray that he will decides against it. I know the Lord wants him to follow Him and not to do his own will. He is such a loving and kind person and a lot of people do have respect for him. Please pray that the chains that bind him will fell of in Jesus Name. That he will return to his wife and that the light of the Lord will shine through them. I praise You Lord for Your Word will never turn void unto You. May God bless every intercessor in the Name of Jesus Christ our King. Amen and Amen