my son

by Sarah Day ()

Dear Prayer Ministers, Thank you very much. I am praying to you to please pray and petition the Lord Jesus Christ constantly for my son Jesse to be able to go to St. Michael’s College School for grade 9. I ask you to please ask Him t do this and for the miracles that He can possibly bring and all that He can do. Thank you for praying and petitioning Him for all the Divine Appointments that He can possibly bring and everything else that He can possibly do. I pray for everything that God wants for my son Jesse. God bless Jesse in every way. I pray for all the miracles that God can possibly bring, I am so grateful for you praying and petitioning Him. Please pray that He does this for Jesse. Thank you., God bless the world. I pray for all the miracles that God can bring for all of this. I love you. God bless you and Jesus and God.. Blessed be God., Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you I love you. May the Blood of Jesus cover all of this. I pray all of this fervently in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. With Great Love and appreciation of you. Thank you Ministers Thank you Jesus, I love you so much. Love Sarah.

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