My son

by Nancy Worth ()

My husband and I adopted a son when he was 12, but we separated when he was 15. He stayed with me. Unfortunately, my husband committed suicide. So we were all alone. We had rough patches and I wasn’t the best parent. Now I am getting help mentally. Didn’t realize that I was manic depression and bipolar. My son and I were really close. He had his first child out of wedlock, and unfortunately it ended. Yet, they got together again and created another daughter. But separated and from what I understand he has full custody. With the first kid they had me come stay so I could be there when she was born and came and spent her first birthday with me. Then later when they got together again she erased me from his life and he allowed it. So the last six years he has nothing to do with me. I have tried reaching out to him. He ended up at biological mother for a short period of time this past year. Now he owns his own home. I introduced him to his biological family. Maybe I shouldn’t of done it. She has made sure he had no contact with me either. I looked him up and have found his address. We were so close and now it’s as if I never existed! I just would like a relationship with him again and the chance to explain. That I am sick but going to psychiatrist and psychologist for help now. I didn’t realize how much my husbands suicide effected me, and I was worried about my sons feelings and ignored mine. I miss him so much and just want to be part of his and his children’s lives. I moved from Florida to Colorado last year because I am disabled and no longer can take care of myself. So my sister and her husband invited me to come live with them. I can barely walk or anything. I have asked for forgiveness to him many of times. It breaks my heart everyday that he has nothing to do with me. I stay mostly depressed about it. So a long story short I want prayers for our relationship to return. Also, for his salvation and his children. I am unsure if he is saved. I raised him in church and all. This would bring me great joy and healing if this could happen. Also, that he sees some of the people he is around he shouldn’t be. His birth mom is started back on drugs and all. She is the reason him ad other four siblings were taken. I pray for her, but dot understand how he has forgiven her and has his children around her. All of his siblings I know and are on my Facebook. Just pray that God keeps his arms around him and his daughters. That he realizes that part of him be dad is teaching them about God. I sit and cry a lot when I think of the situation. Thanks for letting me share and asking for prayers.

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