My Relationship and family

by Wendy (North East)

Lord i have spoke to you on many occasssions and sometimes at my lowest times feel you are not with us.. I am at a low. so low i have been asking you take my life and let me suffer no more..

My life is in turmoil my partner n i split upi for the reasons i was insecure and never trusted him enough to love me because of pat..

Lord allow me to release the past from my life and live inthe present and look fprward to the future allow you to guide me hold me give me patience undrstanding and joy un my heart so i can feed this to my family…

allow my partner to come back n forgive me for what i have done and rebuild our love so the children n we have peace love and tranquility…I ask of you this i beg of you this forgive me lord for my sins and clean me so i can see clear in my heart …all my love amen

ps god bless our families