My Prayer

by Vincent (Eastport, Maryland, USA)

I pray for love, peace, joy, a girlfriend, health, happiness, a great job, full time with benefits, that is real and that says so on my paycheck, that is a fortune 100 best companies to work for, I pray for all forms of love, I pray for friends, to get into an amazing grad school, to get my MBA and one day Phd. I pray to slow down, to drink less soda, and to have more miracles in my life, a new church, a prayer group, to never get to comfortable, to have a nice house, and new car, to always be in demand, to have time for rest, to be a US President, to play pro Squash and Tennis, to be a billionaire, to put my program first, to love my wife and girlfriends unconditionally, to be famous with privacy. To take yoga classes, exercise more, drink more water, to laugh more.