My prayer was answerd

by Elanor (Scotland)

My husband and I tried for six years to have a baby. I was told that because I had cysts on my ovaries that it would take a while or that I would need ivf. I was in physical pain. I was a mother without a baby and I couldn’t face the fact of having a life without a child. so I prayed like crazy and I did question my faith at one point because it just seemed everyone around me was getting pregnant and not me. but when I stopped making it the only thing I could think about.

I got a job and just stopped stressing about it but still all the time praying. and bang out of the blue I started feeling really unwell and this went on for weeks not giving pregnancy a thought and my mum told my to take a test because I couldn’t stand the smell of food being cooked and true enough I was pregnant six years of trying I was finally 12 weeks pregnant and never knew ha ha. so prayers do work it may take a while till god can get round to you but he does. and I am looking for his help again as we are trying for baby number two. so lord I hope you are listening.

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  1. thank you jesus for giving me hope

    I am so happy for you and because of this my faith is much stonger I have I praying for11yrs I onky have one tube lost 3 boys and I’m praying that my one tube will eventually for me but your prayer answerd gives me more hope thank you and thank god

  2. Happy!

    I am so happy for you, and congratulations on your baby. I’ll pray for you and for baby #2.

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