My Prayer to strengthen my Christian Life

by Mary Morris (Shreveport, La Caddo)

Lord, help me to strengthen my Christian life,

Please lead me in the direction you would have me go.

Help me to listen to my heart as You direct me
Teach me to search for You in all things.
In the sun, the wind, the air we breathe,
in the sparrow, in the bloom of a rose, You are there.

Lord, I give you the feelings of discontent inside me.

I give you my restlessness, my doubts, I cast my fears upon You.

I give you my weaknesses, I give you all the hurts I hold inside.

Help me to see and heed the signs of change I see in todays troubled world

Supply me with Your strength to follow You as You lead me daily in Your path.

You are my support, my strength in times of trouble.

You are my guide when I lose my way,

You are my help in time of need.

I praise your wonderful Name!


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