My Prayer to Restore My Marriage

Heavenly Father, I come to you asking you for forgiveness for what I did in my marriage. I did not fully know what a wife should have been in a marriage and now my marriage is broken. I ask that you forgive my husband for his infidelity. I understand now what it means to be one and would truly love another chance to prove it to you.

I’m also praying for the soul of the women involved with my husband. I pray that she ask for your forgiveness, and I pray that when she does find love again, that she will not have to suffer or have a broken marriage. Although it hurts to pray for her, she should be forgiven and given a real chance at love with someone that truly loves her and her only. I pray that you make my husband and I better parents, givers, and better supportors. I pray that theres peace in our home and with our family. We were once a strong team and I pray to regain that strength again. I thank you for saving us and our marriage so that we will be with you one day. I love you and thank you in advance. I Jesus precious name I pray. Amen!

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