My Prayer That My Ex-girlfriend Will Love Me Again and We Will Get Back Together

by Gordon (Canada)

Dear St. Jude.

In June it will be a year since my girlfriend and I were still together. We were together I believe a little over two years. We faced many struggles and though finances and health matters were constant, we managed to make things work and take care of two of her sons, whom I had come to treat as if they were my own. I miss her even more today than I ever thought possible. I pray that she will come back to me. I pray she will want me in her life and will realize how much I love her. I have been very ill with anxiety, depression, and I am not taking care of my diabetes or eating as I should because my heart is broken.

Recently, she told me she has a fiancee and that they are happy and don’t want me to email. I know she has been treated abusively in the past by other men, so because my love for her is the extremely deep, I want her to come back to me, so that we can both Love each other again and we can have a happy life together and I can feel whole again. I promise, St. Jude, and those of you who I ask to pray for us, that I will tell the world about St. Jude granting my prayer request by publishing my thanks and appreciation to St. Jude when my prayer is answered.

May my ex-girlfriend send me an email as a sign that my prayer is being answered in God’s special way. I thank you St. Jude and I implore you to see that my prayer is answered by her communicating with me and coming back into my life because I believe we both still love each other and just need to work on things and put the events of the last 10 months or so behind us. Please, St. Jude, intercede for me and grant me the miracle reunion with my ex-girlfriend that I know you have the power to give because of your very close relationship with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I will pray with all my heart that you will grant me the miracle of her love in my life again and that we can strengten this bond for the rest of our lives. Good St. Jude, please hear my novena and see what is in my heart for her and grant me the great favour which I request of you. May you open my heart to her in your own special way and allow her to see my love and realize how happy we can be with each others’ Love to count upon.

I will not forget your blessed work for me St. Jude and I well tell others of you and your love and compassion for me and countless others. Speak to her in a dream or by any means possible and let her know that I Love her and help bring her back to me, as I know God and only you can. Amen.

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  1. Confusion and Pain

    Alright so this is my situation…. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 years and she’s been my everything since I’ve met her pretty much. Of course we’ve both have had incidents to where we would break up and then get back together but this time it’s unlike any other situation that we’ve had before and this is where it all began. So, for 3 weeks I’ve been studying for my finals at school, hanging out with friends, and resting up to ease my mind on everything in my life ( at this time we were together). The two of us barely spoke to one another due to the fact that I was doing all of these activities and we only spoke to each other for about a good 30 minutes each day! However, I took it upon myself to assume that there was no possible way that she could lose feelings for me or break up with me given the fact that she loves me so much and that we’ve been together for a complete 2 years! Sadly, that’s exactly what happened! When it came close to summer time and I started having more and more time to talk to her it seemed like she didn’t even want to talk to me! She even screamed that in my ear one night when we were talking over the phone! Then the next night she was telling me that she loved me and wanted me to stay on the phone with her and everything felt like it was getting better. Unfortunately, the next morning I called her and she was at it again, she wasn’t speaking on the phone and everything felt weird! She hung up with me and we began to text but then I left to clean my room and the rest of the house. On the following night after she had time to talk to me from being at church with her aunts and grandma she sent me a message telling me that it doesn’t feel the same anymore and that we should break up! I agreed with her and now that I’m stuck in the friend zone I have no idea of what to do! I mean I truly do want to try out this “no contact method” but I’m afraid that it will make everything worse given the fact that no contact is exactly what got us here! Please HELP!!!! I am so confused and hurt….. Btw I’m 16 and she’s 15! So yea this is another young love story! I don’t know where to turn and I’ve been praying to God almost non-stop! I’ve been strengthening my sword by reading the bible and I’m hoping that my prayers are being answered by God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! I love her dearly and she understands it herself that I’m the only person that knows her better than herself and she knows that she’s the only person that understands me better than myself! Since that day I saw her I knew that she was a complete blessing into my life and I could see us together as a family in the future! Married with kids and promised a happy life by The King of All Kings! It was not just a daydream or anything it was like a vision! So, I ask of you as another follower of God to please pray for me and to help me with my current relationship situation.

  2. Praying for you

    I pray that your prayers get answered asap and that you live a long happy life with the woman you love. God bless you!

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