My Prayer Request

by Megan ()

God, I just really need your graces and strength right now in finishing my studies for this semester and eventually graduate. I pray the same for my brother and all other students to do well in all classes. I pray for a man in my life who struggles who even think about being abstinent and doubts “religion.” Help him see you and help him to like me and care for me as I do him. That we’ll keep in touch and eventually meet and stay abstinent till marriage no matter what. I pray for world peace. For healing and good health for my mom, my brother, dad to find a good job, make the money in the market and good health, as well as for me, a solid job and guidance in my vocation and career same thing for my brother. Thank you for the place we have to live, food, fellowship, church, and family, but once I graduate and such help me find a job I can pay all my loans off with and find a real true good man who is kind, funny, and someone who loves me and I him. I like the guy I have now, but he’s so impatient and doesn’t see anything past sexual lust though maybe I caused him to lust and for that I’m sorry. Strengthen the guy I like and fill him with selflessness. and all the gifts from the holy spirit. I pray for anyone suffering to find Jesus and know him forever. The holy spirit’s guidance and wisdom in my studies. To do well on my upcoming tests for Psychobiology as well as essays for child and infancy and gender. I pray for a pain free labor, transition, and birth for all women for Jesus conquered the sin of Eve with his death on the cross. Amen! No more miscarriages, stillbirths, or loss of any more children. Fast labors and births with no complications and just immense peace and at most pressure. I know God can do anything. For the end to abortion. For women who have had abortions to know your love and mercy. To know they and their partners aren’t alone. They have you. Help me heal from my anxiety and sleep well. No more nightmares. A cure for cancer and other “incurable” diseases. Banish the enemy to the pit away from us our dreams or any fears we may feel we cast them out in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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