My Prayer of Hope

by Von (Philippines)

Dear Lord,

First of all, I would like to Thank you for all the Blessings and The Goodness you have given me, Please continue to shower your Blessings for me and my Family. I am Happy that you were always here for us in no matter what situation i have been through.

Lord, I am Hurting, Physically and Mentally. I am Sick. I am Scared. I had alot of diagnosis and different ones, The doctors are confuse with what this really is. Its something in My Nerves and My Muscles. Lord, whatever this is, Please help me with it. You are the only Father and the Physician i can trust.

I hope this Sickness can be healed and pray that it will not get worse. I hope its not that bad. Its already affecting my personality and my confidence, i always cry hard every night because of anxiety, i trust in you Lord God and may i have a fast recovery and continue a normal life just like before. I Love you so much My Lord.

Lord, Im Heartly sorry for having offended you in any way, I promise you i can do better goodness if you let me continue my normal life. Please give me and My Family Grace, and with that, may we have full wisdom to know what is right and what is wrong and with that will lead us to your commands Lord.


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  1. Prayer for Von

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    I come on my knees to You today to give thanks for every blessings I have in my life. Father, there are not so many people can feel your grace because of their problems and burden. I pray for them Father, please touch their heart and give them strength to face everything in You, because we shall not afraid of everything if You are by our side.
    Father, I pray for Von for his struggle on his problems. Take away his anxiety. Take away his disease. You are the truly doctor for our body and soul. Bless every medicine, treatment and doctor who helps him, so through them Von can feel Your heal, he will be healed and gathered together in happiness with his family.
    Let him be joyful for the miracle You give to him and keep him always in your way.
    In the name of Jesus, Amen.

  2. My friend mary

    Dear God
    Please help my friend Mary batitle this disease again. She is a very special person. She has battled this before. Help her to be positive and hopeful thru this journey Lord . She really needs you.
    Thank you for listening . Amen

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