My prayer is forgiveness

by Denise (Syracuse Ny)

my prayer is forgiveness I am so sorry that I did anyone wrong I’m so sorry did I hurt anybody life is too short to keep grudges tomorrow is not promised to any of us and I don’t want to die knowing someone hated me for something I don’t know why I asked God to mend my heart and my soul if I heard anyone any kind of way when I have been down for a minute there when I was going through pain of lost a loved one it was so dead to me that I cannot handle of losing him I thought the world was over but I know I have to begin to live on my own now as long as I have a few loved ones still here with me especially my two young men that’s supporting me no matter what I was going through in a few friends that was in my corner 2 and the others that I decided to separate from I just was in pain I don’t know why I was mad but I don’t want to live life that knowing that you still upset with me or I must stick with you I’m not going to call your name but you know who you are and I love God make the best choice for us. Good end of the day I have to forgive and put in your loved ones even though you still have issue Within Me all I can do is apologize when to you what my pain in my in my hurt you probably did he doesn’t understand mind and I didn’t understand was going to I didn’t understand it either but I know I have to live on until God call my day until that day comes I have to do I need to do to survive and support the people who supported me and loved me to all my trials and tribulations all my pains and hurt and I want to say to all of them I am there for you no matter what because you were there for me no matter what and I love you and I want God and I hope and pray that God supporting you when time is needed that’s my prayer on this day and continue praying for my strength that I can move on but I would never forget that I lost the important people my life that was my mom my dad and my soulmate and a few special friends I know this is part of living and part of life what is not easy to accept the Lost I would love one that you care so deeply for my pain is always going to be there but it did that smoothie but each and every day I think about them and a tear drop here and there and a smile sometime come to when I’m in a good thing that we done together but meantime I asked God that everyone that I closed out of my life that can’t forgive me now or forgive me one day that I can say now I am sorry and I’ll let you rest be up to you and to God and you know who you are I’m not calling no names my prayers go out to you and to me in Jesus name we all do pray

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