My prayer has been answered!

by Sushila (Fiji)

I would like to thank God Almighty for answering my prayers. I requested a prayer on this site some 3 weeks ago and its answered now.

Thank you Jesus my Lord and Saviour. Please keep on praying and never doubt our Lord because he is still in the business of listening to our prayers.

God Bless

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  1. The lord answered my prayers

    I wold like to thank the Lord Almighty i have suffering with dreadful chronic pain. I woke up today with no pain. The lord has guided me and heard my prayers

  2. Saint Mary of Eqypt

    I am so happy for you and want you and everyone to know that prayers are answered. I have been praying to Saint Mary of Egypt concerning the well being of a family member and those prayers have answered.


    When I pray to GOD it’s because I really need HIS undivided attention and guidance as to what I need to do when my path in life becomes too difficult to bare.
    Today, August 1, 2013, I woke up and GOD revealed to me that after almost 3 years, HE answered my prayer and my path in life is now going to be easier. HE promised to NEVER leave us or abandon us, and HE has proven to be THE ONE who we can ALWAYS count on!!!

    Dear GOD,

    Thank You for starting my day off with answering my prayer and continuing to steer me in the right direction. Once again, YOU have proved to love me unconditionally, and for that I could never thank you enough, but I will continue to spread YOUR word with the hope of helping others to believe!!

    I love you GOD and I’ll forever be indebted to you as I continue to believe in your word!!!



  4. A question for people who believe in god ( like me!)

    Whenever I think or talk about god, I suddenly feel happy and joyful inside has this happened to anybody else?

  5. God Bless

    god bless you and I am happy god answered you prayers.I me and my boyfriend just broke up 91/2 years together and I am hurting. i want us to get back together and you a healthy, bless, loving, and happy relationship. I know god will answer my prayers to because he is a powerful,loving god. Pray for me and god bless you Amen.

  6. Happy For You

    I So Happy For You! I Hope Your Future Looks Bright & Is Blessed With Joy & Love -Melissa Salazar-

    From Mcallen tx

  7. happy for you

    I am so happy for you that your prayers have been answered… I think concerning my prayer that only God can intervene as my ex bf is very stubborn and there is another girl invloved in our break up.

    I always tell other people to pray to God and he will help and so now I am asking for prayers to God to be answered as I miss my bf so much and he has cut off contact with me so our chances of getting back together are close to zero but I will continue to pray to God and have faith (although I am so heartbroken I sometimes feel I lose some faith) that God will help him find his way back to me… again I am so glad he answered your prayer – I have been praying for my bf to come back to me since I found out he was cheating on me Nov 7th – seems like very day is like a month… Please God hear my prayer in Jesus name, AMen

  8. a on time god

    bless you and you brother as long as you got faith in our lord he will be there just beleave and keep your faith he hear all our prayer and can’t get to us at that time but he will always be on time

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