My prayer for today

by Michael Csm (Bangkok Thailand)

I thank you Lord God Almighty for my life today for ushering me into a new month.

Lord i pray may this new month continue to bless me with your Love,Goodness, Mercy, Peace, Joy, Progress, Happiness, Prosperity, Favours, Good health, Long Life, Open doors & other Opportunities good blessings that i deserve from You my Lord God Almighty” Lord You said” your desire is to prosper me and make my life better in good health.

to glorify your name Lord i exalt You i give You all the Glory praises Honor all the Powers Dominion Majesty Supremacy Lord receive all the Authority Blessings and thanksgivings i worship You my Lord thank You merciful God for cleansing me and forgiven me all my sin.

Lord make me whom You want me to be for your own glory i thank You Lord God Almighty for granting me all my request and bless me more in Jesus name Amen

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