My Prayer For Strength

O Lord, I come to you, once again, to ask for strength in having to deal with my daughters problems of the past. She is a grown woman who has not learned to be responsible minded and take care of her affairs. I pray you will guide her and lead her to do the right things and to become more mature in her ways and thinking. Thank you for bringing the right kind of man into her life. I pray he will be good to her and not lead her stray as others have. He is unemployed due to severe back problems, but, pray he will be able to help her some. Please help her to resolve a problem she is having to handle today for it has me troubled. I do not need this to cost me anymore money than I am already out of. I need help, Lord. She has caused me so much pain and so much money. I need her to do better in life. She has thrown away a college education and all her grandmother’s inheritance and has gotten into trouble where she is unable to find a job right now. Please guide her and help her to find a job close to home, Lord. Please help her, Lord. We need you in our lives and need your help in all ways. I pray nothing bad happens in the days or weeks or even months ahead. We have suffered so much and need to look forward to the future without fear. Thank you for all your blessings, Lord for I am grateful to you. In your name I pray. AMEN

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