My Prayer for strength

by Sharon (Frenchburg, KY)

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for giving me & my family this wonderful day. Thank you for sparring our lives. Lord, I pray you give us the strength to make good decisions and to keep us from evil. I pray, Lord, that you lead us in the right paths and to help me more understand the bible. Lord, I pray that you help the ones that are living in sin and help them find Jesus Christ in their hearts. I pray you watch over our children and keep them safe. I pray that you watch over our family and friends and give them the guidance and strength to find Jesus Christ and to deliver them from their sins. Father, I do believe in you and your Son, Jesus Christ. Lord, I pray you give us mercy as we face difficult times. I thank you Lord, Jesus, for the blessings you have given us. In Jesus name,

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