My Prayer for Prosperity needed to sustain my life

My Dear Lord, I pray for the money needed to sustain my life keeps coming to me in the time of need. Thank you Lord for helping me through these difficult times. You have provided me with help I needed to get me from one day to the next. I praise you and thank you for everything you have provided me.

I thank you for my health, my children and grandchildren, my job, my home and my wonderful friends I have. You have blessed me in those wonderful ways. Please allow me to continue to live without struggling with my finances. It is your will I live without need for you provide me with need. I thank you for life and if you feel I do not need someone in my life right now, then I will honor your wishes until the right time. I will not keep making it happen, but only in your time. Please Lord, protect me from the potential problem that could happen in the future. Please allow that to be forgiven, Lord. I cannot survive with that over my head. Please help me. I need you, Lord. In your name I pray. AMEN

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