My Prayer for Peace of Mind and Strength

Dear Lord, I come to you again in prayer to have peace of mind and strength through these difficult times of worry and dispare. I am trying to let go of the worries I have about this problem I have and hope with each passing day it gets better and better. I do not want to develope a false sense of security about all this and then be shocked at the outcome of everything. Oh Lord, this has been so devastating to me and I cannot be happy until I find peace and freedom from this horrible thing this evil person has done to me. This person is still contacting me and I know they are still doing their evil. I want this to stop, Lord Jesus. I want this person to be punished for the evil they have caused. They cannot continue and I know satan is behind all this. Please protect me from ALL this that has happened. I need your guidence through all this. I am trying so hard to put my faith in you Lord and I cannot take another incident similar to what happened last Monday to happen again. I pray that as time passes, I can move on with my life. I do not deserve all the evil that has happened to me. I know I am a sinner and I repent of all my sins over and over. I need complete forgiveness from you and from myself. Please do not foresake me, O Lord! I pray this all in your name. AMEN