My Prayer for my Marriage to be restored and God being the Head of our Home

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this journey and teaching me to trust in you. I pray that my husband’s hardened heart is softened by your words and that he comes to realize your love. I sincerely pray that my husband understand the importance of forgiveness and that bitterness will destroy.

I pray for peace in his heart and that he seeks you. I pray for the restoration of my marriage and that this is part of your will. I pray that this storm teaches us that only through your guidance and us being obedient servants can this work. I lean not on my own understanding but trust in all ways that you will make my path straight. God thank you for the storm which allowed me to become closer to you.

I am alone but never lonely. You have blessed many miracles during this difficult time and I am so grateful. You said trust in you and my life will be better than ever! I trust you, I believe you and mostly I love you!!!

May God be the true Glory!!

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