My Prayer For Me, My Family and Friends.

by Joe (Newtown, PA USA)

Dear Lord, Saint Jude, Saint Christopher, please watch over and protect me, my sons Christopher and Kevin, Kevins wife Amy, my Mother-In-Law and Sister-In-Law Lorraine and Dee, Dees fianc Tim, my dear friend Joani and her mother Mary, my best friend Joe and his wife Diane and all of the rest of our family members and friends from anything that could harm us in any way wherever we may be today and tonight. Please let our cars and any other vehicles that we may use for transportation function properly, reliably and safely and move us throughout this coming day and night with no malfunctions whatsoever. Let us have no accidents of any kind. Deliver us to our destinations and back to our homes at the end of all of today and tonights journeys, safe, sound, happy, healthy, alive and well. Allow us all to attain and to maintain totally happy, healthy, compassionate, wise, rational, intelligent and normal states of body and mind throughout the rest of what I pray will be long, prosperous, rewarding, safe, productive, moral, free, law abiding lives within a world entirely committed to the same principles and dedicated to complete harmony between man, nature and the environment, now and for all generations to come.

Father God, embrace us now in your loving care. May the spirit of Jesus send his saving grace to completely heal our bodies, minds and souls of all illnesses and suffering that we are experiencing right now. Uplift our despondent spirits and instill hope in all of our hearts. Allow us to rest in your abiding presence, relaxing every tension, releasing every care and anxiety, receiving more and more of your healing life and power into every fiber of our being. Grant that your life, love and joy may flow through us for the healing of ourselves and the rest of our family members and friends. I will declare by faith that we ARE receiving your abundant healing power right now and that our health IS steadily improving. I praise you Lord for your compassion and healing power now and forever.

Lord, please bless my retirement with all that I will need to make it a perfect, relaxing, active, secure, happy, healthy and prosperous time of my life. Bless my sons Christopher and Kevin and Kevins wife Amy with good, secure jobs that they are in need of. Let them all attain and maintain employment that will provide excellent salaries and benefits within mentally and emotionally healthy work environments that will help them to build successful careers and sustain them in every way throughout their lives. Bless them with the jobs that are most suitable for them. Help them to find the work that they will love with employers that will value them and make it possible for them to develop themselves without sacrificing time for their families and friends.

Let my son Chris’s relationship with his girlfriend Alyssa blossom into exactly what they both hope it will be and let him and his fianc and Kevin and Amy experience life together in complete harmony and enjoy marriages filled with health, happiness and prosperity that will produce good, healthy, happy and well-adjusted children that they can be proud of and who will be proud of them. Please let my relationship with Joani remain solid and secure throughout the rest of our lives so that we can remain friends forever.

Dear Lord, please bless me and ultimately my children Chris and Kevin with the financial good fortune that will make it possible for us to provide for all of our needs and wants within reason as well as the needs and wants of those less fortunate than ourselves so that we can live out the rest of what I pray will be long, happy, healthy and prosperous lives in complete, consistent and unconditional financial security.

Thank you for answering our prayers yesterday and thank you for helping us to avoid temptation as much as we did. Please help us all to avoid temptation again today as much as is humanly possible so that we may be made worthy of your blessings and favors. Have mercy on our souls Lord, as well as the souls of all of our family members and friends who have already departed this life. Grant that we will all be with them again in the brightness of eternal glory in the kingdom of heaven after long and prosperous lives and painless and peaceful deaths.

I ask for all of this in Jesus name ~Amen~

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