My Prayer For Hope Always

O Lord, I pray that I have past the worst part of my life. I am in hopes of it all being uphill from here. It has been two months since some very bad things have happened and after hearing the backlash this past Monday from one of which that occurred in early Dec. I am still recovering from that one. I pray the one in Nov. and the first of Dec. is behind me.

Each day gets better and better. I just hope I am not having a false sense of security. You are my Lord and you give me signs and feelings that things are going well or if they are’t. I feel your presence everyday.

I feel your guidance and love each day I live. I know you will not allow anything bad to happen to me. That is my faith in you. Sometimes I don’t feel that, but, you are still with me. You have gotten me through some bad things. I pray I recover from it all. I want to be able to live a happy retirement what years I have left. I am ready for you anytime you bring me home. This world here is getting worse and worse until it will no longer be able for people to live here in peace. That will be the time Christ returns to earth to take his faithful followers back with him. I may not live to see that or maybe. But, I will be ready for him to take me away from this dreaded place.

I am tired of loneliness and unhappiness. I pray the good things in life happen from now on. I see others who seem to be happy and I want some of that happiness too. I am tired of loss and disappointments.

I want to be happy and healthy and secure. That is my hope, Lord. I praise all you have done for me and I am very thankful for all you have done for me. You are my Savior and my salvation. I will follow you all the days of my life forever. I give myself to you, Lord. In your name I pray. AMEN!

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