My Prayer for Healing and Health

by Karen (Halifax PA)

Greatest Lord God,

I ask you to send your power of healing and strength into my body now. I need it more than ever. I ask that you walk with me and give me courage to face whatever is in your plan for me now and the wisdom to see your answer.

You are a most kind and glorious God, you are all-powerful and all-knowing. Only you know what is best for me and I pray that you will lead me to where I need to be to receive your healing touch. I know that with you in my heart and your healing spirit in my body that I can be healthy again soon and defeat this illness within me.

I give praise to your grace, blessings, compassion, glory and almighty power. Heavenly Father, please grant me peace and renew my faith as I await your healing touch. Through my body’s becoming well again I will serve as testimony to the gift of cure that you have bestowed upon me. May your healing strength and love prevail upon me as you guide the hands of the doctors. May they treat me with compassion and have my best interest at heart as do you, Lord. Lift me up so that the enemy cannot attack me with doubt and fear and cause faltering and weakness of my trust in you. I have so much to be thankful for and would have none of it if it were not for your grace and kindness. Thank you for my friends, family and strangers who are praying for me.

In Jesus name,