My prayer for depression to be sealed

by Vicki (United States)

Dear God,

I come to you with weary heart and tired of fighting the unknown’
I pray that you find the depression and whatever is causing it will be diminished to never darken my doorsteps again.
I have heard that depression is a sign of the devil and he reason you can truly be at peace is because what lies in your heart.
I pray you will sweep my heart clean and if there is the tiniest bit of doubt left in my heart you will remove it. God I have tried so hard to do what you want me to be and to be a good steward of yours.
I have done a lot of wrong in my life but I never thought I had ever done something or anything that was so terrible that I could never find forgiveness.
Please God show me I am forgiven and that if I passed away from this earth tonight that I would be in your glorious arms and in the streets of the most high. Please don’t let Satan keep fooling me into thinking I can never be forgiven. let my heart be pure. Let all of your goodness come from you into my heart and let it show in all I do and say. I don’t want to try to get to heaven on works or gifts or the things the Lord says deplore him. Make me a good clean person with God written all over me. I want to do what is right and not wrong and let God always shine through me. Whatever it is that is so wrong in my life that I have messed up so bad please forgive me for it..I beg you to release me from the snarls of satan. I do pray you forgive me and give me peace and happiness in my soul. I love you lord and I want to get to know you on a personal basis with you by my side and letting me know at all times that you are with me. I need this Jesus and I need you…so so much. Thank you for listening to me and taking time out of your busy day to hear me out. Just be there for me always and guide me in what do do. This I pray in your holy and precious name Lord. Amen, and Amen. Help me…please??

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