My Prayer For Complete Protection

Dear Lord, I pray that I am free from any problems in the future concerning what I went through in November and early December.

I know some things take time and it could be months or maybe years down the road before I hear anything at all. A friend told me that I would have heard something by now on it if anything happened. I pray he is right and knows what he is talking about. It worries me so.

I remember my daughter and what she went through and it was over two years before she knew. So that being the case, I don’t know really. So Lord, I will have to wait and not have a false sense of security here. I have to have faith you will protect me.

If anything comes about, I want it to be when I am retired and can deal with it more later. I will know closer to time. I ask that you guide me and walk with me and take care of me. I worship you almight God. I have accepted you, Jesus as my personal Savior. In your name I pray. AMEN

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