My Prayer For All Things Possible

O Lord, I come to you once again in prayer for inspiration and hope. I pray to find complete happiness and peace of mind in you. You are my protecter and my Heavenly Father. With you I want to always look ahead to a better future for myself and my children and grandsons. These are my most valuable assets in my life and you have blessed me with each. I pray you lay healing hands upon my daughter’s mind and soul and bring her back to you in church. I pray that you grant me a miracle of happiness in finding someone who can be very important to me in my life and can help me financially. I pray that my daughter is able to find employment somewhere very close to home and can return to school where she can make a living and be able to get her son by summer or before. Please Lord, stop those who are dishonest and evil from ever touching our lives again and bring only good Christain people into our lives to make it more rich.

If it is your will, please punish those who have cost both my daughter and I great pain last year. They have not been punished for what they have done to us directly. Evil people cannot continue to prosper off others and I know they will have to face you one day for their horrible sins. I pray you take away all my bitterness and help me to forgive and also, to learn to forgive myself for the mistakes I have made in the past. Help me to prosper and to be able to move on with my life without any repercussions. I have suffered so much already and need salvation from you from all my sins of the past.

Please Lord, hear my pleas for help from you. I praise you and honor you and I cry for you because you died on the cross so I can be saved from all my sins. I come to you in worship because all things are possible through you Jesus. For it is in your name I pray.


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