My Prayer For A Prosperous Relationship

Dear Lord, Please hear my prayer. I want my relationship to grow and prosper as each day passes. I pray he falls deeper in love with me. Right now I feel he is having some kind of doubts about us but, does not want to be alone again.

I know he feels like he does not do enough for me. But, he does. He is a good man who took care of his family over the years. He is a good father to his son and he is a faithful and good partner to me. I could not ask for more, Lord.

Please lead him to go to church with me and help us to grow spiritually with you. I do not want him to have any doubts about me or our relationship at all. I have suffered through too much pain and disappointment throughout the years and cannot take anymore worry and fear that I am suffering through right now.

I need him in my life, Lord. I need his support. Lead him to love me more and more each day that passes. For I pray this prayer in your name. AMEN