My Prayer for a Mircacle

My Dear Lord, I pray for a Miracle for financial help. I have been used and I need help. I pray nothing else is used against me. I am a weak and vunerable person who did not use thy head. I wanted to believe and to trust when I felt you Lord telling me not to. I ignored your warnings. Please forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned. Please protect me from what this person did to me further. They know they are wrong. That is why they became angry. That is a sign of guilt. They know in their heart what they done was evil and wrong and they want to take it out on the victim. That is very very wrong. They will face the day they have to pay resitution. All the prayers and going to church will not wash it away unless they make things right. I live in uncertainty and pray it will not do me in or ruin me. I pray Lord that I do not have to pay for this anymore than I have had to already. Save me, Lord. Please save me. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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