My plea and prayer to God

by Pater (Nottingham Uk)

Dear Lord , since losing my well paid job and my birth mother, whom I found a few years ago, my life has become chaotic, my mental health has suffered also. it may be wrong to pray for money for two reasons, firstly you may well disapprove of such an act, secondly , in the past I squandered a lot of money on things I did not really need, also I indulged in the pleasure of the flesh a lot. If things don’t get better very very soon I will have to sell my little house and possibly live in a hostel. I know I have done bad thinghs in the past such as stealing from my adoptive mother when she was quite old, something I will always feel guilt over, but I must add that I have, I believe been a good man too

Please lord,please listen and act on this plea, I did the lottery today in an attempt to turn things round financially, I know money certainly is not everything, but it is or would be a help and I have always sworn that if this happened I would help other people too, in a big way.
I even contemplate suicide as a way out, I am afraid of this and also know it would be a sin , but I feel desperate.
Thanking you lord, peter

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