My Personal Intention on the upcoming Psychometrician Board Exam

by Joseph (Pandacan, Manila, Philippines)

GOD the Father,

We give you thanks, we praise and Glorify you for every single moment of my life. For this graces, for the life you provide to me and to all important persons of my life.GOD the father forgive me for I commit a sin the sadden you as my creator, my dearly father. Please, always remind me to reflect your forgiveness passion, and compassion you gave to us, to save us..

Lord I personally lift my heart full of praises for my family, the strength you provide to my parents to my brother, sister and our little angels.

Father, my heart is yet full of anxious feelings and worries as Im preparing to my upcoming board exam. Lord I lift all this worries to your mighty hand, release them Lord as to replace them with heart and mind full of peace and love as you are the GOD of Love, Peace and Prosperity. I lift to you O! Lord that this upcoming board exam let all my preparations be at my mind, clearly delivered and make it through your guidance. So this I can pass as Psychometrician. This title is not as my personal use, but, will come as your heavenly gift to me. Through Jesus Christ I know I can make it.

Your Loving Son,

Joseph B. Armea

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