My new job

by Steve (UK)

Dear Lord, thank you for answering my prayers and getting me my new job.

I know the job is only 2 days a week temporary but is well paid and has huge potential for opportunity. You answering my prayers has reaffirmed my faith yet again but I know I am flawed, and would probably not like you very much if my prayers were not answered.

This new job means that my worst fears seem a little farther away and I hope they will keep moving away still. I still see you working in my life every day in things that just cannot be coincidental.

Now I ask you to please help me to thrive in this new job, to not make mistakes and when I do to handle them professionally. I ask you to help me keep a cool head and get on well with all the staff and customers even in times of great stress.

Help me to do a good job, go over and above, and to impress my new employers so I can be one more step towards living my dreams. I ask all this of you as I know I cannot do all this by myself, especially as without your help I would not have got this far in the first place.

Please fill me with you grace and allow me to thrive. Please also help my girlfriend to thrive in her new full time job as well so we can both live our dreams together and put our troubles behind us. Amen.

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