My name is Toni and my Prayers are for my wonderful Baby Brothe Darren and My Sister Karen and for my immediate family Sean, Tammy, Kaylan,kameron and others

by Toni (Shreveport, La)

Dear Lord as l Pray this Prayer today l am so Grateful to my Baby Brother Darren for Stepping up and supporting me when l was at my Worst,l Love him and his Family So much l pray that our relationship gets better and better l also pray for my sister karen who is missing out on all the love that l have in my Heart for her l Pray that with time all wounds will be healed and we can love each other the way my mother wanted it to be please God Bless us and let both of us find our way back the way Sisters are Suppose to be it breaks my Heart that we are So Distant Lord l Pray that the prayers that lam Praying on my Mothers Birthday will be Answered and our Family will stop all of this insanity of not getting along with each other Life is to short for all of this unnecessary Madness Lord Please l beg of you hear my Prayers and Please turn this Madness around and God l Pray for a Soulmate Someone to Love and Honor Me and Someone l can LOVE and Honor lPray for the Safety all of my Children Sean, Tammy Kaylan snd Kameron and all of my Aunts and uncles and Cousins and there Families and all of my Friends and l Pray for A Safe World and l Pray for myself and a Special prayer that l get to see Dr Adair or Continue to get my Pain Meds Lord please Bless and Hear my Prayers l will Always Honor You and Love You and try to do the things that l know is Right please Continue to give me strength to overcome Satan and the bad seeds in God l trust and I wish you would let me See my Mom l Miss her So much Lord continue Blessing and Loving me Amen!!!’–‘–

Toni l l Love you God with All of My Heart!!!!!

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