My name is Jennit and I lost my father at the age of 3-4year

by Jennit (Charlotte NC)

My name is Jennit and I lost my father at the age of 3-4year.Was born and brought up by my mother and days passed i completed my education and desepratley in need of job so i gave my basic trails on the job but no success and later on i got an oppurtunity to work but i dont have any working experinece so i was lost this oppurtunuty and now still trying for a job which can settle up all my future plans But im thankful to my God in this process of learning i really came close to God and my relationship with God is like without talking to him a day it would be horrible, now everything i gave up to God he is the One who is helping me out to come out of all the bad situations might be am wrong in my past days but not even i cannot able to frame a sentence in english properly but now i can type this whole testimony in english l, it is that God will give us wisdom and he will

make us wise when we start looking up to him and seeking to him So am thankfull now that i can eat well dress up well and am about to get my wedding done wid a Godly spiritual disciplined person as my betterhalf So my testiominy is Goodthings work to people those who wait and lean on God I am sure that i will get a good job,wedding,my debts clearance everything are done with God past ago in the month of April 2016 i was in a bad need of money need to give a person who lended me in times of my trouble when i just prayed To the only True God i dont know what is that miracle but i got $2000 deposited into that lender account this is just an answer o got from God who heard my never get disappointed or stressed instead of Try praying And Talking to God the word of God(Bible) gives you the answer for all your questions…Miracles are done by only our God Read the Gospel of Mark all the helaings,miracles are done by Jesus Christ.So Put “First God then automatically things will fall into your place” so Jesus never makes his children go down He will
lift up and Makes all our ways clear
“Those who Trust in the Lord will never be disgraced or put into shame “
So Trust in the Lord and keep Praying with a good heart it says in Bible
A Prayer of a Righteous man is Effective and Works well so pray without cease seek his will”
Thank you