My Mother’s Pain

by JR (Maryland)

My mother has been suffering physical pain for years. Her back, her legs and feet, her neck, her hands. There were constant visits to doctors, but none ever seemed to help. She’s currently seeing a chiropractor and all he’s said is that she’s not gotten any worse.
In addition to all this physical pain, she’s been enduring emotional pain for most of her life. Her mother died when she was a baby and there were some who blamed my mother for it.

She had a step-mother who physically and emotionally abused her. There was an uncle who touched her as a child. Her sister was 12 years older than her and used to tell people she was her niece, as if she was ashamed of her. At 16 she had an ulcer. When she met my dad, she thought all was going to be well. She’s endured 45 years of verbal and emotional abuse from him.

Even though, without her, he would have had nothing and he knows it, he’s constantly making fun of her and “God damning” her.

Her one constant friend has been her dog. Now he too is suffering and she worries that she is going to lose him. She already had to put one dog down several years ago who had health issues and now she feels that life is repeating itself.

My mother is a very talented and creative person. She loves to sew but has been unable to do so because of her pain. She used to love to garden but can’t. She’s not even able to go shopping as walking around for too long is too much for her.

She’s asked for God’s help but feels that He’s abandoned her. She’s asked for less pain or to at least to be able to cope with it, but nothing seems to change. All she hears from friends and others are problems and issues that they are enduring as well. She doesn’t understand why God doesn’t help his children if he’s such a loving Father.

She’s at such a fragile state that I worry about her constantly. She and I are close, unlike my sister and her, but even the two of us have been bickering and arguing. I keep praying for help for her and all those around us. I’m starting to loose faith as well. That is why I’m coming to St Jude to ask for his assistance in helping us, but especially my mother.

I want her to enjoy her life. To be able to bless others and herself with her gifts and talents. She keeps asking why God has given her gifts but not let her use them.

Thank you for hearing my prayer!

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  1. a prayer for you

    God will heal your mother but most importantly g ive her hope and an unshakeable trust in Him to know that He understands. Always remember that H e is there and thank Him for His blessings no matter how little you might think they are. God’s bl essings

  2. Mother's Pain

    I will remember your mother in my prayer to St Jude. He will definitely intercede and help. May God bless you and your family.

  3. Suffering from pain

    I too have been suffering from pain for the past 3 years. It sounds very familiar to what your mother has been going through. I have seen many doctors and have no solutions to my pain. I feel so hopeless. I pray to St. Jude and ask to help me to get out of this pain so I can help this world.

  4. Mother's Pain

    The almighty father does not abandon us at all. He always comes to our rescue…in his time with blessings, mercy and compassion more that we could even farthom. He will answer your prayers. I’ll say St. Jude’s prayer for your Mom and light a candle in our chapel on her behalf.

  5. We all are praying

    Don’t worry JR, we all are praying for your mother. May God bless her & takes away all her pain. Old age itself is a disease JR. Everyone has to go through the same physical pain but emotional could be turned into happiness.
    Why don’t you hire a maid for your mom. Let she always be surrounded by children or people of her own age.
    She will surely be happy.
    Take care of her.

  6. Healing Prayer

    I’m praying right now for your mother, dearest St Raphael–you have a healing power (pls put your healing power towards this person right now. Pls remove all the pain that is going on & replace it all with healthy cells… I ask all of these in the name of Jesus, Christ our Lord…
    Dearest St Raphael the archangel, i have seen some signs from an angel, i thank you for all. Pls surround this person with all the angelic realms from heaven and remove all the suffering she has.
    Thank you for everything….Pls continue to pray for us…. amen…..amen…

  7. We are praying for you...

    Know that you and your mother are in my prayers. It is in these difficult times that prayer is so important. God bless you.

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