My mother

by Kannabeeran ()

I request for prayers for my mother. She is over 80+. She always advised me to respect women and not to see in any way if we wont be happy.

She worked tiredless from 3 to 11 for over 40 years. But she is literally alone. Due to people without gratitude around in many ways. I wont ask help anyone as she said, if we can do it or try it ourselves it is not correct to ask others.

The relatives were always jealous. Even father-in-law was understanding. But all others were not. There was lot of fights due to relatives of us. They would shamelessly comeback after fighting, giving mental stress to her. She would still without appearing pale, serve them.

Now after so many decades of selfless sacrifice, she is literally alone. I am the last child. I am unable to throw everything which are against her. Please pray for her mental stress. I would throw away things if anybody was jealous of what I win, or even if a girl comes to me when many are there in the crowd.

I didnt want to see the tears of my mother in others, due to any stupid response which might be a regret for them later.

Please pray for my mother. Even now, she doesnt ask me to fight and get back everything. She is only cursing herself within. Please pray for her. I havent asked anything in my decades of worship even for my goals or ambitions. Please pray for her.

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