My Mom Has Disowned Me And Not My Older Brother

by Bree ()

To make a long, long story short, my mom has disowned me and won’t have anything to do with me. She hates my guts and believes me there isn’t space to even go into all the mean things she has done to me! It’s true you can’t make your mother love you. Some just never can. My own brother can control her mind cause she is so rich! All I can do is pray and hope. I just hope I get TIME with her before she dies, but I kinda doubt it. I cry if I don’t keep busy! She even told me once I would always be her baby girl! Anyone who has a mom, feel blessed! She even took our 2 kids away. I pray things will change when our grandsons catch on when they see the truth! I would trade places any day with anyone else out there who has a mom! So hug your mom a little tighter!!! Some of us don’t have one who wants anything to do with us! Yes, her mom died of Alzheimer’s and my Neurologist would LOVE to see her to do an MRI of her BRAIN! I go all the time to make sure I never get like my mom. I say my rosary for her, light candles for her every week, try everything. I never give up hope! NEVER!!!

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