My Miracle Prayer

My Dear Lord, I am pleading to you for a miracle. I need a very big one now. I need hope everything will be alright and that I am no longer having to worry about something that has already past. I have taken a big chance in life and found myself losing big. I was trying to believe in someone that they would do me right and they hurt me very badly. This person turned out to be very evil and used your name in doing so. I thought they were a true Christain and what they did was something a Christain would never ever do. Now I am having to struggle and worry about the future. I do not want to give up hope, Lord, but, if anything else happens, I will have no hope left. I need you desparately, Lord. Please do not forsake me. I know you love me, please do not allow anything bad to happen to me. I have suffered so much in the past six weeks. I have found no peace at all and I do not know what to expect next. I need hope again. I just do not know if there is any left for me. I am grateful for your many blessings and I praise you and I honor you, Lord. Please do not turn from me. I have accepted you as my Lord and Saviour and need you to save me from anything more that is bad. I need something to look forward to. I am trying so hard to get out of debt, if it is possible for me to. I know it takes time to have a prayer answered. There are so many people who need prayers more desparately than I do. But, I know you can work miracles beyond anyones expectation and belief. I know you love me as your child, Lord. I love you as my heavenly Father! I need not lose faith. Yesterday after recieving a terrible blow it set me back. But, I am still holding on to what little faith I have left. Please don’t allow me to lose all faith. I am so fragile and need you now. You promised you would not put anymore on us than we can handle. I believe that and I know you won’t allow that to happen to me. What I fear would be too much for me to bear if it were to happen. Please, please spare me. I am asking all my friends to pray for me. I need prayers and lots of them. I need to be able to feel safe again. If something bad happens, please take me. Bring me home to you. I will be ready to leave this earth, Lord. I will have nothing to look forward to. I am ready for you, Lord. In your name I pray, Jesus! AMEN!

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  1. Bless you

    I read your prayer and will also pray for you. Be strong for you will get through your trial as I will mine. You are not alone. God will bring you through to something even better than what you expected. He is a great God.

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