My Miracle Prayer

Dear Lord, I pray to you for a big miracle in my life. I pray all that has happened in November will be forgiven. I know you know what is in my heart about this. I pray I never hear about that at all. I want to move on with my life since I did not gain anything from this. I pray to be able to find true happiness in my life without anything standing in its way. I feel this is the year I was promised I would find the love of my life. I truely believe this to happen. Please help me to be a much happier person and work toward a happy retirement. I pray you keep evil people away from me and to find only good people in their place. Please take all negetive people and things out of my life. Help me to find more miracles in your name. I praise you, my Lord. You are awesome and wonderful. You are my savior! In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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