My mind is always trouble with the problems they make


I am working since many years. But now two of my very junior colleagues along with my authority making my life a horrible one. I even lost my sleep. My mind is always trouble with the problems they make.Though i beg her not to do this kind of matters toward me, they do it very hardly towards me. they have a good support from authority who make them do all of her job by using these girls. Long since I am praying for this matters. But I am neglected from my Lord. I totally surrender my life and my family’s life in my Lord’s hand. Along with tis I have a financial problems since my husband is not having proper job Whatever he do ultimately result in failure. He always say he is not well. He also depend on God. Please for my kids education also. Since I am not healthy and have a troubling heart I cannot concentrate on my kids studies. Please pray for us . Give me faith enough to depend completely on my Lord and wait for his action.