My Marriage of 12 weeks

(Easter NC)

Help me pray that my wife forgive me as I have forgiven her, she moved out just 2 weeks after marriage……we reconciled as I moved into her home and lasted only about 10 days she was angry that I was afraid to give up my home for fear of being kicked out out of hers…..leaving me nowhere to go, after attacking me verbally for a few days she started ignoring me which I call the punishment phase, I decided to get my clothes and go home and tell her that when she decided to have something with me I am here……in an angry outburst she scratched my face and and eye, threatened to beat my head in and called me some very nasty names and to never come or speak to her again then shoved me out the door…….my face was bleeding hand hurt and bleeding after she squeezed my hand so hard my wedding band cut my finger, this was the second attack…. I have permanent scares on my face the from first time, I went to the sherrifs dept and they arrested her, I was able to drop the charges after begging and agreeing to pay court costs, It was an a answer prayer for me, she contacted me two weeks to the day by text to see if I would sign seperarion papers, I said I can’t, there is a better way you are my wife of 10 weeks and I love you please pray for one week and if you feel the same I will sign them, she said after I had her out in jail there isn’t and today is the end of that week I have heard nothing but need God to restore us to our former loving selves, we have been so attacked by satan, I refuse to give him my wife or marriage please help me stand and have my marriage and life companion restored! I Jesus name I ask. Amen

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