My marraige is totally broken.

by Keshia (New Jersey)

Father in the name of Jesus christ , I come before your throne of divine mercies to beg on behalf of my marriage and my husband James.. Lord Jesus I pray that reconciliation is possible after so many hurts and pains, disrespect , lies and abandonment.. Lord I pray that you would deeply touch the heart of James and help him to forgive and forget all the wrong I did to him.. I also pray that my heart would purge itself of any resentment and strife I hold out against my husband. Lord we used to love you together, we used to love each other father, influence and people who don’t even matter has placed there opinion over our godly bond.. They have given advice and input to destroy our already broken union… Father I pray for James that you will touch his heart deeply and activate his consciousness to think twice about this separation and divorce.. Lord I pray for speedy recovery and reconciliation in your mighty name amen..

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